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This is out of order, as I did have some other pictures to post before this that I took from the plane... I think people want to see this one more. ^^; Some of these (the smaller ones) are my mom's pictures that she took with her ipad. Man taking pictures with a tablet would drive me nuts.

In case anyone is curious, here is the website for The San Francisco Ghost Hunt. It's kind of a crappy website lol, be forewarned of white text on a black background.

The San Francisco Ghost Hunt!Collapse )

After that, the tour was pretty much over. Jim gave us all a little ghost pin. My mom, Alex and our friend Susan and I went to Mel's Diner for a late dinner, and Halloween was pretty much over. It was a good evening. I'd love to take Jim's tour again. I plan to send him an email and tell him that too!

Reading this post over, I hope it's not too disappointing for those who were anticipating it. I suck at telling stories and there really aren't as many pictures as I wish there were. But there you go! Moar San Francisco shenanigans tomorrow... or whenever I get around to it. >>

Oh, and eventually I'm going to open this post up publicly to share with ontdcreepy, unless you guys really don't want me to.
You guys should know I loves me some creepypasta. I have always loved scaring myself and always end up regretting it when I jump at my own shadow, yet I keep coming back for more. I recently joined ontdcreepy, which takes care of all my creepy needs and then some.

You've heard of reddit, yes? It's a "social news" site, according to wiki. I'm not a... well I am a member, but I don't ever actually go there. I only joined because of the subreddit r/nosleep (which is, as one might guess, for scary stories) that's been linked a couple times at ontdcreepy. I've only ever read two stories there, but damn are they GOOD stories. Kinda long, but worth it, I think.

The Stairs and the Doorway, which is the one I linked at FB if anyone saw that. Excellent story, creepy as hell, but incomplete.

Twelve-Acre Plot Six parts, completed as of yesterday! I got the link in the last Personal Experiences post (weekly theme post that happens every Monday), and I refreshed it on a whim and was so tickled to see a new installment, since the last story I read there hasn't been updated in forever.

Linked in the Free for All Creepy, I think. I really should explore r/nosleep more, but I don't want to dig through the crap to get to the really good stuff.

Behind Closed Doors
August 2012 winner at r/nosleep. Really awesome series about a girl who draws in the paranormal.

Vox and King Beau
A story posted at ontdcreepy, originally found on 4chan. This is a link to the first post. Subsequent posts follow, with the last one on 11/12. This is a link to all 20 parts, hopefully that link will stay viable.

The Knickerbocker Hotel
Actually a public post (current ontdcreepy posts are members locked), the experiences of a former paranormal investigator at a haunted hotel in LA. Absolutely chilling and tragic.

Haunted Gettysburg
Afaik this is the last public post at ontdcreepy. I read it over and over while I debated on actually joining. I find it fascinating.

and while I'm at it, I should link to my other favorite creepypastas:

The Dionaea House - I've linked to this before, but it bears repeating because it's so omg. Long but worth it, and make sure you read the supplemental journals.

The Strangers - Fascinating story, long but well-written, though this is on so it's another black page (I... think you might be able to change the layout? not sure). When I read it, it was in an enormous image file (a damn jpeg!) that I found on 4chan, so be glad this is actual text!

Ted's Caving Page - Long and in kind of a crappy "I don't know how to make a webpage" white-text-on-black-bg format (at angelfire, no less! that's how old it is XD), but also very good. Also INCOMPLETE, you never get a resolution. I heard it was based on some short story, which does have an ending... I want to read it.

The Indian Lake Project - Another one that just ends. Written in blog format, it kinda drags in places imo, but still quite spooky. Especially the pictures.

The Holders Series - Uh... it's hard to explain. It's a series of short stories circulating around a series of 538 cursed objects that, once brought together, will bring about destruction. Some of the writing is very good, some of is kind of crap.

I'm not even going to touch on the whole Slenderman/Marble Hornets thing. I don't really understand that whole thing and haven't read anything on it other than the article at KnowYourMeme. ^^

And hey! If anyone has any creepypasta you'd like to share with me, the skittish easily scared pony, I'd love to hear it!
In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Smooth Criminal, totally. It's probably the only song of his to which I know all the words, although I don't think I learned them all until Alien Ant Farm covered it. That Alien Ant Farm guy is way easier to understand. >>

Random fact: that "anti-gravity lean" he does in the music video---or rather, the props used to achieve it---are patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,255,452).

Here, have the videoCollapse )

(Oh ho, Ponee does a writer's block! Well, I thought if I was gonna do one for anything, it'd be this. It's been all over my friends page since yesterday; I first heard the news in all_macros (usually I get my news from wtf_inc!), then confirmed by wiki and various other sources. It's so weird to think, isn't it? Such a...sad, surreal thought.)
I don't imagine I'll be doing much business on LJ, but I'm making this feedback post for the things I do buy and sell here. So if you've bought something from me on LJ, or I've bought something from you...leave feedback here! Thanks!

For other feedback references:
Ebay: secondpsych (buyer feedback only)
Den of Angels: Featherfire